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The services that we offer are included in an organisation's “total rewards” strategy which consists of the following building blocks

What We Do


Internal Equity

Equal pay for work of equal value within the same organisation. This includes organisation reporting structures and restructuring programs, drafting and finalising job descriptions. Grading jobs using the Paterson job evaluation system and developing customised job evaluation matrices/systems.



External Equity

Equal pay for work of equal value when compared to the organisation’s competitive or comparator organisations.

The definition of the market for any position is “where you lose or attract your human capital from”.

We offer benchmarking services using our or other remuneration consultancies’ salary surveys.

We can design and develop your payscales based on a “line of best fit” using multiple regression analysis.


People Equity

This includes individual employee recognition and retention and implementing or improving your current performance management program. We help and workshop with goal/target development and measurement criteria for organisations.  In addition, we can support your organisation in cascading these goals/targets and measurements to the relevant business units/geographical locations/divisions/ departments.

This could result in your organisation paying your human capital annual salary increases based on performance rather than CPI and implementing short-term and long-term incentives and commission schemes.


Your Organisation’s Total Rewards Philosophy or Strategy

Your organisation will want to be a lag, match or lead payer in your relevant competitive market. Before achieving your strategy, you must complete and finalise your internal and external equity building blocks.  For example, you would like to be a lead payer. However, on average, you are currently paying between the lower and median quartiles of the market. You may not currently have the financial resources to become a lead payer in the short term and would need our help to get there.

Additional Services We have the experience, references and skills to manage large human resource and remuneration projects.  We can also assist with legislation and tax compliance by conducting audits of payroll, human resources, and remuneration policies and procedures.  We can amend or draft your human resources and remuneration policies and procedures.  We offer client-specific and public remuneration and talent management workshops. See our workshops page for more details.

What We Do