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Our Services Overview Our services and products can be summarised into the following product / services suites:


NPO Non-Executive Governance and Payment Guide Surveys

NPO Top Executive Salaries and Benefits Surveys

NPO General Staff Salaries, Benefits, and Employment Regulations Surveys

Remuneration advice, interventions and consulting.

In-House and Public Reward Management Workshops and Tutorials

Welcome This is our story


We are specialist remuneration consultancy with national and global capability.  Our sustainable remuneration solutions are supported by our comprehensive salary surveys and a wide range of remuneration interventions, solutions and training workshop and tutorials


WHERE WE WORK Johannesburg, Gauteng


Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists has been in business since August 1999.

The majority of our clients are located in South Africa; however, we also work within all the African Continent Countries, the USA and Europe.