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This course if aimed at line management, shop stewards, reward specialists and human resource generalists.

This course offers you a highly interactive practical skills application and instruction in how to draft role / job profiles within your business.

This one (1) day course has a large practical element which converts theory into practice and will also provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary in the correct use of role titles, occupational families and level descriptors.


Attending this course will improve the following human resource and reward functions and processes in your business:

Recruitment & Selection

On Boarding

Managing Performance

Identifying Training & Development needs

Job Evaluation and Grading Roles; and

Improve the accuracy of Benchmarking and using Salary and Benefit Surveys

At the conclusion of this course delegates will have the skills and knowledge to compile role / job profiles that:

  • Can be used for grading roles and using job evaluation systems;
  • Will be become an integral part of performance management programs;
  • Detail duties, essential functions  and requirements  of roles;
  • Assess work flow  and eliminate duplication of effort; and

Can be used as a base document  for recruitment, employee training and development, salary surveys and benchmarking

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