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We are specialist remuneration consultancy with national and global capability.  Our sustainable remuneration solutions are supported by our comprehensive salary surveys and a wide range of remuneration interventions, solutions and training workshop and tutorials.

We are committed to King IV, Remuneration Governance, Principle 14 and how it affects pay below:

“The governing body should ensure that the organization remunerates fairly, responsibly and transparently so as to promote the achievement of organization, divisional and departmental strategic objectives and positive outcomes in the short, medium and long term.”

Therefore all interventions and solutions offered by ARGRS are tailored to each company’s specific requirements and economic circumstances within a “total rewards strategy” as human capital development solutions must suit the operational needs of the relevant business. 

To this end, and to ensure long-term effectiveness and sustainability, projects are discussed in great detail with the client before implementation.

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Our Commitment ARGRS also ensures that our clients understand whatever products, advice, interventions or services are part of a total compensation strategy


The Details An organisation “total rewards” strategy consists of the following key concepts or intervention areas:



Internal Equity

Equal pay for equal work within the same organization. This includes reporting structures, job descriptions for all job categories and job evaluation (grading of jobs).  We specialize in grading jobs using the Paterson System of Job Evaluation.


External Equity

Equal pay for equal work when compared to the organisation’s comparator organisations’. The market for any job category “is where you lose your labor to and attract your labor from”. 


Employee Equity

Individual employee retention, recognition and the performance management. This includes performance appraisals, annual salary increases based on employee performance, short term, long term incentives and commission schemes.  


Organisation Financial Resources and Philosophy

I.e. to be a lag, match or lead payer in the relevant market. An organization needs to have a plan as to what sort of payer they want to be and how to get there.